Saturday, 6 October 2007

ACEO - Missing you

Monty: Aaaahhhhhhhhh. He's missing his mistress.

Rosie: He's missing his gravy, you mean, his bones, and hunt-the-rope games.

Monty: No, he's missing her, her hugs and her smell. You would.

Rosie: Humphf. Maybe. Oh, orlrite. Anyway, had you realised our mistress thinks the world is flat?

Monty: Um...

Rosie: Yes, she put this picture up on ebay to start at a particular time and because she doesn't realise the world is round it's not on there yet when she thought it would be. It won't be up there until tomorrow morning, I don't think, now.

Monty: Susan thinks the world is flat?

Rosie: She must do or she'd have got the time right.

Monty: Teeheeeee, arf arf arf.

Rosie: Hehehe, arf arf arf.

Susan - mystified: A strange and alien sense of agreement has fallen over the canine members of this household. Wonder what that's about.

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Ginny said...

Love these dogs Susan, you do the eyes really well. Do your dogs know they are world famous? International stars?? Good thing they don't or they'd chargew you modelling fees. Ginny

mousewords said...


I agree, so tender and sweet!

montyandrosie said...

Ha! It's like living with a bunch of prima donnas. Always going about, checking in mirrors, asking for a brush... They don't charge me a fortune; they cost me a fortune. (But they're worth it - just don't tell them.)