Wednesday, 3 October 2007

ACEO - Hurry, hurry!

Monty: Why's he in such a hurry?

Rosie: He heard the gravy boat?

Monty: Nah, he's hurrying to meet his mistress.

Rosie: Nah, he heard the biscuit tin.

Monty: Nah, he's not in a hurry to get somewhere - he's in a hurry to get away from the Great Dog Tyrex of Legend.

Rosie: Snrunch!

Monty: Aroooooooooooooo - you'll be sorry. He approacheth.

Rosie: Approacheth??? I'm furrightened. Arf, arf.

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mousewords said...

Lovely art! And ooooh, I await Tyrex's approach with bated breath!!!

(Too funny..."furrrightened"! Susan definitely has a way with words!)


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely. And my vote is either the biscuit tin or the fridge door opening. (That's what gets my spaniel bombing in from the bottom of the garden. Every time.)

montyandrosie said...

We're not the only people with a way with words on this particular page...