Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Which comes first?

Monty's thinking he'll do a whole series just of him, and then Rosie'll do a whole series just of her. By this time, they're hoping they'll be able to co-operate sufficiently to do a whole series of them both together.

Trouble is, Rosie keeps biting Monty on his nose and Monty keeps sulking. He sits staring at the wall. That's enough to make anyone bite anyone. On the other hand, being bitten on the nose is enough to make anyone sulk.

Which comes first? The sulk or the bite? Hmmm...

Mind you, he's especially sulky because their photos haven't appeared below...

Monty and Rosie are Border Collies who are keen to start up their own series of ACEOs - that is, 'Art Cards, Editions and Originals'.

They reckon ACEOs are great because they're small - 2.5x3.5inches, affordable, (a gallery in your pocket), collectible, tradeable, easy to handle, show, and store (they fit into standard trading card albums, sleeves and storage containers).

Altogether, ACEOs are an excellent way to buy art originals or repros, created by living artists who live worldwide.

And Monty and Rosie do like to have their paws in every pie that's going.