Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cat's timeout from partying ; corgi's dream job marauding ; teddy bear saga instalment ; poodle with problem hair ; another shattered cat

Timeout from partying - all that carousing was hard work - he needed his rest


(It was their dream job.)

BigBear Science and BigBear Magic were in disagreement

Way above the everyday world of beardom, the BigBears dwelled on Mount Olympbear. They were so far above the ways of bears that they didn’t give much thought to the effect they had over the world below, but their whims and arguments were what affected everyday life for everybear else. And now, after millennia of relative peace, apart from a few bursts of bad temper resulting in storms and the odd bit of earth shifting and quite a few ruined picnics, they were in turmoil, and suddenly all of beardom on the earth below had become aware once again of the influence of those above. BigBear Science and BigBear Magic were in disagreement.

She'd washed her hair and now she couldn't do a thing with it

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (another one who's had a late night)

Corgi speed pup ; dogs on hols ; the other Royal cubs ; cats sharing memories ; dachshund in a bag

They were off on their holidays

(and it was all high excitement - "are we nearly there yet?" )

Speed dog

(he was a pup racer when no one was looking)

Sam and Rose

Byron, the Black Bear Wizard, took the two other cubs, leaving the one – Princess Serenity – behind, and he wiped the memory of them from bears’ minds. He went straight to a cubless couple who lived in the woods on the edge of the Endless Night Forest and he gave the two royal cubs into their care. His instructions were simple: “You are never to ask who these cubs are. You will regard them as your own, and convince others they are yours. You are to call them Sam and Rose. You are to bring them up so they learn the ways of the earth and all life, all the things that grow and the creatures that breathe. You are to let them absorb knowledge of nature at their own pace and encourage them in every way. You are warned that I will always know how they feel no matter where I may be, and I will come back for them some day. You are to guard them with your lives.” And he left.

Sharing memories

They went everywhere together

(This is Dinah. I met her in the Post Office this morning. Her owner said she had taken her into Morrison's (a food supermarket near us) for six months before anyone realised she had a dog in her bag... This dog has been in restaurants, hospitals, the Post Office, beauty salons and the doctor's waiting room with no one being the wiser. She was a fab little dog!)

Friday, 22 April 2011

After a very brief acquaintance with the spade, these Border Collies decided that gardening is fun! (They're quick learners!) and Whippet in hiding

In hiding (What a great idea if you want to just chill out. Or if they're looking for you to do the washing up.)

This Corgi sees herself as just another wild flower; the closest this whippet gets to cooking is her microwave...

I'm just another wild, wild flower

It was the closest she got to cooking

(she usually ate out or got takeaways)

Butterfly-eating Corgi; romantic, wine-drinking cats...

Drink to me only with thine eyes

Yep - they 'look' pretty - but they taste AWFUL!!!

(take it from me...)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Overtures - pup to fairy; fairy to pup; Byron the Black Bear Wizard from the Endless Night Forest


Byron - the Black Bear Wizard from the Endless Night Forest(on the night of the cubs' birth)

Unbeknown to everyone - or rather, known to everyone, but wiped from their memories - on the night of the cubs' birth there had indeed been more than one cub born. The teddy bear responsible for the disappearance of the others, and for everyone having their minds wiped of the memory - (except it would seem that of Fairy Bearmother Serendipity) - was none other than the notorious Black Bear Wizard from the vast darkness of the Endless Night Forest. No one quite believed in him because he'd not been seen in many, many years, but tales were told around camp fires about him when older cubs wanted to scare the stuffing out of the younger ones. The Black Bear Wizard's name was Byron.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Jenny H!!!

The elusive Jungle Corgi and his family have ventured out just to wish you a fab birthday, Jenny!!!!

It's a rare sighting.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Liz F!!!

And may we be forgiven for coming in a day late...

And, although have jumped up and down excitedly elsewhere - am doing it again - many, many congrats!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Whippet and teddy bear soap addicts

They were soap addicts

(they were transfixed by the brilliant one liners and the realistic story lines)

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Corgi Pooh sticks, baby, Mr Cool cat, football training whippets, and fairy bearmother Serendipity

Pooh sticks

The 2011 World Pooh Sticks Championships take place on Sunday 27 March, 2011.

Of course, as we know, Tiggers don't like Pooh sticks - but we do.

I know I'm cute

(when I'm sleepy, anyway)

Mr Cool

(he was the cat's whiskers) (and he knew it)

They took their training very seriously

Fairy Bearmother Serendipity

She had many other names, too, coming from an ancient line of fairy bearmothers like she did, but she always shortened them all to Serendipity. She was Princess Serenity's fairy bearmother, which is partly why their names were quite similar. Sadly, Princess Serenity had never seen her bearmother because she didn't believe in magic. She was a cub of the modern age and only believed in science. This resulted in Serendipity being unable to do her job properly with regard to Serenity and so she'd had to hire Detectbear Dougal to keep an eye on her charge, and to find out about the other cub Serendipity had seen at the birth with her own eyes but which had disappeared without trace. No one believed in the other cub's existence and Serendipity sometimes found herself doubting her own eyes, too, and wondering whether it was time to lay down her wand and retire. She was a bit sad but tried to stay cheerful, nevertheless.

Corgis having a meercat moment; cat golf lessons; corgis throwing a fancy fur party; private detectbear and his family

They were having a meercat moment

She was taking swing lessons

(- although she didn't hold out much hope for her game - she was inclined to agree with Mark Twain who reckoned 'golf was a good walk spoiled' - but she was happy to look willing until snooze-time.)

They were throwing a fancy fur party

(and now they were waiting for pups to turn up - it's horrible when you're waiting and not knowing whether anydog will turn up or not and your bash might be a flop - but of course they always do in the end. (And then you have to wash all that colour out of your fur the following day...)

His Secret - He was a Private Detectbear called Dougal

He knew she was really the Princess Serenity in disguise as a medical student. He had two tasks he had to carry out - he had to make sure she came to no harm, and he also had to find out if she'd really been the only cub at her birth as the entire family at the castle thought. He didn't know who his employer was. He'd received his instructions in a very covert manner, but he was being paid enough for this one job to retire and spend more time with his family which is what he really wanted to do. He'd had such a hard time trying to get anywhere near the Princess, though, that he'd finally donned a disguise and offered her a flower, knowing she was too kind-hearted to simply turn him down. Really, he just wanted to be at home, but when he took on a job, he always did it thoroughly. He was a bear who always saw things through.

(The picture of his family that he always carried in his wallet will be listed soon.)

Detectbear Dougal's family

This is the picture of his family that he always carried in his wallet. He tried very hard not to bore people with stories about his cubs, but somehow the picture never stayed in his wallet for very long... His cubs were his favorite topic of conversation.

Kitten nursery school w poster paints; corgi ballet lesson; bowls; whippet quiet evening; teddy bear Princess Serenity's secret

Nursery school

(with lashings of glorious poster paint to splash around)

Ballet lesson

An afternoon on the green

In the quiet of evening

Her secret

She was really the Princess Serenity in disguise as a medical student. She didn't want to be a princess; she wanted to be a doctor, and she knew she couldn't be both. After years of arguing with her family, she ran away from the castle to start her studies. But she often sat in the park and thought about her family. She knew they'd be worried about her, and she would worry about them worrying about her because she loved them, but she couldn't think how to let them know she was all right without losing the one chance she'd given herself to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor.

(The next installment of the teddy bear saga ('His Secret') will be coming soon...)