Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Corgi Pooh sticks, baby, Mr Cool cat, football training whippets, and fairy bearmother Serendipity

Pooh sticks

The 2011 World Pooh Sticks Championships take place on Sunday 27 March, 2011.

Of course, as we know, Tiggers don't like Pooh sticks - but we do.

I know I'm cute

(when I'm sleepy, anyway)

Mr Cool

(he was the cat's whiskers) (and he knew it)

They took their training very seriously

Fairy Bearmother Serendipity

She had many other names, too, coming from an ancient line of fairy bearmothers like she did, but she always shortened them all to Serendipity. She was Princess Serenity's fairy bearmother, which is partly why their names were quite similar. Sadly, Princess Serenity had never seen her bearmother because she didn't believe in magic. She was a cub of the modern age and only believed in science. This resulted in Serendipity being unable to do her job properly with regard to Serenity and so she'd had to hire Detectbear Dougal to keep an eye on her charge, and to find out about the other cub Serendipity had seen at the birth with her own eyes but which had disappeared without trace. No one believed in the other cub's existence and Serendipity sometimes found herself doubting her own eyes, too, and wondering whether it was time to lay down her wand and retire. She was a bit sad but tried to stay cheerful, nevertheless.


Jan Jones said...

Only just caught up with all these, Susan. Lovely!

montyandrosie said...

Thanks, Jan. Am trying to catch up myself. Am quite a few pics behind.. Lovely to see you at the weekend, by the way.