Sunday, 19 August 2007

Finally - it starts - the ACEO trail

Managed to take down the third ACEO that ended up being the first and now the first is the first ie 'Why me?' is now up for auction - see:

Amazingly, I still have some of my hair left.

Rosie reckons it would have been simple if we'd started with one of her...

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Aargh - ebay - first listing of ACEO

Unbelievable - I've spent most of the day trying to list a couple of ACEOs - I wanted to do it on so that it showed up on as well - so that created all sorts of problems.

Anyway - enough moaning - I thought I had it okay and I put one on to start from tomorrow and another to start three days later and then a third - which I accidentally put for sale NOW - aarghhh - I meant it to start on 28th August - and it's up there NOW!!!

It's a very suitable one for the day I've had.... It's titled: 'It's been one of THOSE days', and I shall attempt to put it in to the left of here... It's at .

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Now all we've got to do... work out how to get this (and other ACEOs) onto ebay - preferably into a posh store.

Okay then.

In the meantime Rosie wants to put another ACEO up here just to prove she can do it. (Monty's not into the technical side of things.)

This one is:

Trying to post a picture: re-run

Ohmidog! It's arrived! The image got here - all the way from there. I don't believe it - after all that faffing about - anyway - here it is - our first ACEO - this one is titled:

Why me?

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Trying to post a picture

Rosie and Monty have bickered so much about who's doing what and who's appearing in what image that they're not doing Rosie and Monty ACEOs any more - they're going to do any Border collies so they can call a truce over who is starring in what.

Now they want to post an ACEO - their first one - here we go...

No, it's no good - it won't work - never going to get a bastid image up on this bastid blog...