Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday, 7 October 2011

Lesley Cookman, cosy crime writer extraordinaire, pays Monty and Rosie a visit on their blog!

Lesley Cookman:

First of all, thank you to Susan for allowing me on to her blog - a great honour.

Susan illustrated me (at least, that’s what I tell her):

However - although she has shown me as a slim, smoking, wine-drinking young thing with exquisite taste in scarves, writing with pen on paper in an attic - not ALL of that is quite true - no - I actually write directly onto a computer, more like this:

My heroine, Libby, lives in Steeple Martin where my books are set:
This map, especially created for me by Susan, appears in all the books and on my website.

Susan and I have been known to do joint book signings - here’s one at the Cotswold Bookstore with - from left to right: Susan Alison (map creator and co-signer of books) Gilli Allan (author of 'Torn' for Kindle), Adrian Magson (crime writer), Katie Fforde (romantic comedy writer and President of the Romantic Novelists' Association), her sister Jane Gordon-Cumming, and publisher Hazel Cushion of Accent Press (feisty, independent publishing):

Rosie: *snort-woof* Look - Susan’s taking a quick nap while all the lovely people are looking at the camera!

Monty: Quite right too! It’s the most noble of pastimes… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lesley: My latest book is called Murder At The Manor and comes out on November 7th in paperback and for Kindle so it's in everyone's favorite format.

Murder at the Manor is the ninth in the Libby Sarjeant series, and features nearly all the regular characters, including Sidney, Libby’s grumpy silver tabby cat, and her friend Fran’s Balzac, a long haired black and white. The books are 'Cosy Mysteries', which means they’re more Rosemary and Thyme

than Spooks.

Libby and Fran are both former actors, and keep their association with the stage by being involved with the Oast Theatre in Steeple Martin.

It’s all very jolly and quite good fun - apart from the odd body - but I do try and keep the stories relevant to today, so have some very serious underlying themes.

I do hope fans of Susan’s art will like the books, and thank you once again, Susan, for all the pictures.

Rosie: *woof-cough* - actually, it's our blog! But, you’re very welcome, Lesley, and you can come back anytime. Well… for as long as you keep bringing the gravy-soaked biscuits, that is...

Monty: It’s been lovely getting to know you, Lesley. Am wide awake now and I’ll be sure to be there with my Kindle on November 7th ready to do the one-claw-clickety-click dance.

Yay for Lesley Cookman, cosy crime writer extraordinaire - Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!bark!!!!!!!!!