Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Penny Grubb, crime writer and ALCS Chair

Rosie and Monty are delighted to welcome Penny Grubb to their blog. They love reading crime novels (and the fact that Penny carries doc choc drops in her pocket is neither here nor there…)

Penny writes crime novels about a Private Investigator. It’s not that she writes what she knows, exactly, but she does write what she likes to read…

She is also Chair of the biggest writing-related organisation in the world - that is, the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society - this means she has writers’ best interests at heart and works out what dosh they can get for secondary rights. (Which is pretty fab and also means writers can afford to give their dogs more bones.)

To get back to the books she writes, ‘The Doll Makers’ won the International Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger; and ‘Like False Money’ was nominated for the International John Creasey Dagger - both recognitions of the fabulousness of her work were, of course, accepted with becoming modesty.

Penny thoroughly researches the 21st century PI in order to provide the authenticity which is a trade mark of her novels.

Part of that research involves interviewing real people - real victims, real criminals…….

...and real law investigator type people, too, including forensic detectives and pathologists…

Being a novelist often results in reactions from these interviewees ranging from suspicion on the one paw, to camaraderie which often involves too much detail, and even offers of work!

It’s all valuable material to Penny, and you can find out how she’s used it in her three novels due to be released on November 12th in paperback. (Found in all good bookstores on- and off-line.)

They have fab covers:

Rosie reckons ‘The Dollmakers’ cover is dead scary…….
 Penny will be out there with her special pen signing books in WH Smith’s…
- and there's a 3 for £15 offer going on - yay!
The signings:

19 November WHS Books Beverley 9.30 to 11.30
19 November WHS Prospect Centre Hull 12.00 to 2.00
26 November WHS Coney Street York 12.00 to 2.00
26 November WHS Monks Cross Shopping Park York 2.30 to 4.30
3 December WHS Westborough Scarborough 12.00 to 2.00
10 December WHS Victoria Shopping Centre Harrogate 12.00 to 2.00
17 December to be confirmed, maybe nowhere

Rosie: It’s been very interesting finding out how you work, Penny! Come back soon. *don’t forget to refill the dog choc drop pocket, though*

Monty: It’s been lovely getting to know you, Penny. You can come back anytime - even if your dog choc drop pocket IS empty. No. Really. I mean it. Honest. I do. Yeah.

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Competition for signed paperback copy of novel, 'All His Own Hair'

My second novel - 'All His Own Hair' - is on Amazon for Kindle but I've discovered this fab person is running a competition for a signed copy of the (paperback) book.

The competition can be found here

The requirements are:

quote: "All you have to do is pop along to this Amazon page - and find the answer to this question ‘What is the name of Liz’s Border Collie?’

Then just email me at with the answer to the question plus your name to enter. The winner will be drawn from all correct entries on the 14th November. Good Luck!"unquote

Even if you have a Kindle, this could be a Christmas present for someone who doesn't.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Greyhound in trilby - peony patch skulk - Miss Maddy Mouse - Siamese Masterfulness - inseparable corgis

She firmly believed there was a trilby for everyone

Skulking in the peony patch

Miss Maddy mouse in the pink

He was Master of the Universe

They were inseparable

Greyhound morning - Corgi topiary - Paparazzi boredom - Sarah Docbear's waiting room - patient Golden Retriever

Into the morning

Herding was in her blood, but topiary was in her soul

The paparazzi bored her

Ever more bears came for Sarah Docbear's treatment

He was waiting very patiently

Flower kitten - corgis sharing bath - cat amongst harebells - bears on a first date - beagle thinking in the petunias

Am trying to catch up with my blog postings - am sooooooo behind....

He had a lot to think about

First date awkwardbearness

The harebell stalk

Save water - bath with your pals (and - no - it's not bathe - it's 'bath' according to the original 60s - or was it 70s - slogan)

The flower kitten was on her best behaviour (for the time being, anyway)