Thursday, 28 April 2011

Corgi speed pup ; dogs on hols ; the other Royal cubs ; cats sharing memories ; dachshund in a bag

They were off on their holidays

(and it was all high excitement - "are we nearly there yet?" )

Speed dog

(he was a pup racer when no one was looking)

Sam and Rose

Byron, the Black Bear Wizard, took the two other cubs, leaving the one – Princess Serenity – behind, and he wiped the memory of them from bears’ minds. He went straight to a cubless couple who lived in the woods on the edge of the Endless Night Forest and he gave the two royal cubs into their care. His instructions were simple: “You are never to ask who these cubs are. You will regard them as your own, and convince others they are yours. You are to call them Sam and Rose. You are to bring them up so they learn the ways of the earth and all life, all the things that grow and the creatures that breathe. You are to let them absorb knowledge of nature at their own pace and encourage them in every way. You are warned that I will always know how they feel no matter where I may be, and I will come back for them some day. You are to guard them with your lives.” And he left.

Sharing memories

They went everywhere together

(This is Dinah. I met her in the Post Office this morning. Her owner said she had taken her into Morrison's (a food supermarket near us) for six months before anyone realised she had a dog in her bag... This dog has been in restaurants, hospitals, the Post Office, beauty salons and the doctor's waiting room with no one being the wiser. She was a fab little dog!)

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