Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kitten nursery school w poster paints; corgi ballet lesson; bowls; whippet quiet evening; teddy bear Princess Serenity's secret

Nursery school

(with lashings of glorious poster paint to splash around)

Ballet lesson

An afternoon on the green

In the quiet of evening

Her secret

She was really the Princess Serenity in disguise as a medical student. She didn't want to be a princess; she wanted to be a doctor, and she knew she couldn't be both. After years of arguing with her family, she ran away from the castle to start her studies. But she often sat in the park and thought about her family. She knew they'd be worried about her, and she would worry about them worrying about her because she loved them, but she couldn't think how to let them know she was all right without losing the one chance she'd given herself to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor.

(The next installment of the teddy bear saga ('His Secret') will be coming soon...)

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