Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Corgis having a meercat moment; cat golf lessons; corgis throwing a fancy fur party; private detectbear and his family

They were having a meercat moment

She was taking swing lessons

(- although she didn't hold out much hope for her game - she was inclined to agree with Mark Twain who reckoned 'golf was a good walk spoiled' - but she was happy to look willing until snooze-time.)

They were throwing a fancy fur party

(and now they were waiting for pups to turn up - it's horrible when you're waiting and not knowing whether anydog will turn up or not and your bash might be a flop - but of course they always do in the end. (And then you have to wash all that colour out of your fur the following day...)

His Secret - He was a Private Detectbear called Dougal

He knew she was really the Princess Serenity in disguise as a medical student. He had two tasks he had to carry out - he had to make sure she came to no harm, and he also had to find out if she'd really been the only cub at her birth as the entire family at the castle thought. He didn't know who his employer was. He'd received his instructions in a very covert manner, but he was being paid enough for this one job to retire and spend more time with his family which is what he really wanted to do. He'd had such a hard time trying to get anywhere near the Princess, though, that he'd finally donned a disguise and offered her a flower, knowing she was too kind-hearted to simply turn him down. Really, he just wanted to be at home, but when he took on a job, he always did it thoroughly. He was a bear who always saw things through.

(The picture of his family that he always carried in his wallet will be listed soon.)

Detectbear Dougal's family

This is the picture of his family that he always carried in his wallet. He tried very hard not to bore people with stories about his cubs, but somehow the picture never stayed in his wallet for very long... His cubs were his favorite topic of conversation.

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