Friday, 12 October 2007

ACEO - If I stare at it hard enough it'll start throwing itself for me...

Monty: Yeah, that works.

Rosie: Don't be dafter than usual. How can it throw itself around?

Monty: Just keep staring at it. It works.

Rosie: Ah, right. Arf. You need a human about the place for it to work, though.

Monty: Yeah. Doesn't work without a human about.

Rosie: They fall for it every time don't they. hehehe

Monty: Yeah. hehehe

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mousewords said...

You know...this DOES work on me...

Johann The Dog said...

I really like this one! Your work is just great. Woofs, Johann

montyandrosie said...

Monty and Rosie say to come round anytime, mousewords, to play the staring game.

Ooh, thank you, johann the dog. We're dead chuffed.