Friday, 26 October 2007

ACEO - Bedspread

Monty: Ahh, how lovely - to lie in a sea of flowers like that, part of the landscape, at one with nature.

Rosie: Have you ever lain in a bed of nasturtiums?

Monty: Uh, well nooooooo....

Rosie: Belt it, then. They really smell 'orrible up that close.

Monty: Oh. Well, maybe it's a bit weird.

Rosie: Susan got a bit weird with this one. We'll have to watch her.

Monty, looking over shoulder: Yeah.

Rosie, looking over shoulder: Yeah.

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mousewords said...

I love this card!!! Gorgeous!!

Despite the smell, nasturtiums taste rather nice, a bit like a radish. And they look lovely as the decoration on a cake. But cake and radish don't taste very good together. :);)

montyandrosie said...

We're not too keen on radishes either, but thanks for the thought, mousewords. Woof! Woof! (ie have a lovely weekend!)

Now, cake is another matter...