Saturday, 20 October 2007

ACEO - His holiday hat

Monty: Nooooooooooo - we can't be thinking of Christmas already.

Rosie: Why not? You should have got a whole basket full of pressies for me by now.

Monty: Well, er, naturally I have a little stash for you. It's everyone else who's a problem.

Rosie: No problem - send them to and it'll be easy peasy.

Monty: Blimey - that sounded like a commercial.

Rosie: That's because it is. Susan's spent ages setting this thing up and has no idea if it'll work or if she's done it right. At least check it out and leave a comment about it.

Monty: Yes, Rosie.

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1 comment:

mousewords said...

Yes, Rosie.


Ooh, I know where I'm going to be doing my Christmas shopping! Um, for everyone else, of course, that is... :):)