Monday, 1 October 2007

ACEO - Last of the Mohicanines

Rosie: The last one... Well, I'm not surprised - look at the state of him.
Monty: But young pups should be able to express themselves with their own fur if they want to. You have to be able to self-express to be able to grow. We all did it.
Rosie: Bark for yourself!
Monty: Teehee - maybe that's why you're stunted.
Rosie: Snrunch!
Monty: Yelp! Arooooooooooooo

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Kate Hardy said...

Oh, this is hilarious. Our late springer Ben had a quiff. We used to make him look like Elvis *g* (Actually, Byron has a quiff now he's turned 5. Hmm. Wonder if it's a male spaniel thing?)

montyandrosie said...

Rosie says it could just be a male thing...