Wednesday, 24 October 2007

ACEO - Meditation

Monty: Ahhh, meditation. That's nice.

Rosie: But, what's he meditating on?

Monty: Well, he's probably thinking about... um... poppies? Fields? Nice days? His youth. Stuff like that. Yeah, that'll be it.

Rosie: Nah - it'll be bones, gravy and hunt the rope games, more like.

Monty: It's all appreciation though, isn't it?

Rosie: Appreciation? What's wrong with just bones, gravy and hunt the rope games?

Monty: Um. Yeah.

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Roving blog surfer said...

Please please tell us more about hunt the rope games. And let's have a picture of same!

mousewords said...

Ahhhh.....I love this painting. So peaceful.

I too would like to hear about hunt the rope games, though I have an inkling what they'd be like...our Dusty does "hunt the human" games. :):)

Johann The Dog said...

Awww, meditation! I do that sometimes and so does my sis, Gracie. When Mum sees us doing it, she does it too - gets us all in sync again, awwww....beautiful! woofs, Johann

montyandrosie said...

Ooh, roving blog surfer - hi there! And mousewords as well - a request. We'll get onto Susan forthwith to do a picture of hunt the rope games and we'll then explain it as well.

Good idea! We need to spread the word about hunt the rope!

Thanks, Johann. Just off for a quick meditation myself now. Monty does it properly. He stays awake...