Thursday, 30 June 2011

Urbane Corgis. What a great word - urbane. Urrrrbainnnnnnn... Anyway - herewith - four urbane corgi dogs...

It was a black tie affair...

He always needed help with his cufflinks.

This is an original, miniature painting in watercolour click here for eBay auction

The following three pics aren't up yet - they are scheduled to automatically appear next week while I'm away at the RNA Conference in Caerleon (yayyyyy!!!)

Shaken, not stirred

(Ooh, look - it's oh, oh, Corgi!)

Come up and see me sometime

(said in a low, husky, thrilling tone of woof)

Dog about town

(He was always on the go, always doing deals, always on the ball... (arf)...)

(that was a little MontyandRosie joke - nothing to do with me)

Urbane or wot!!!!????

Ooh, and have I mentioned that my first Kindle book, 'White Lies and Custard Creams' (see blog post further down page) is today 84th Bestseller in Contemporary Romance!!! *leaps about some more*

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