Wednesday, 22 June 2011

There's no biz like Corgi biz ; teddy bear saga conts ; dog & teddy bear friends furever ; corgi practises what he preaches ; cats on safari

There's no business like Corgi business...

Like no business I know

They became great friends

After the initial confusion, the Princess Serenity (who called herself Sarah) and Private Detectbear Dougal (known simply as Doug) became very comfortable in each other’s company. They didn’t tell each other their main secrets, though. Of course, Doug knew Sarah was actually the Princess Serenity, but she didn’t know he was a detectbear sent to keep her safe and to find out if she had any sibbearlings. Apart from that, they found that their regular meetings in the park provided them with the only chance they had of talking of their dreams. Doug told her all about his family. Sarah told him all about her studies (she was becoming a doctor of note) and the bear she’d met who made her happy but yet confused at the same time. His name was Beau. She wasn’t too sure where that relationship would lead, but she was sure her family wouldn’t approve. Beau came from a long line of honey gatherers, which, although a worthy (and essential) vocation, was not the ‘right’ company for a royal princess. At the same time, Beau had told her that his family wouldn’t approve of her because they didn’t want him going into medicine and if she continued to encourage him to do so, then she would be bear non grata with them, too. And, of course, he didn’t know that she was really the Princess Serenity either. The world was SUCH a complicated place!

Friends furever (I've got actual cards in this design in my eBay and Etsy stores - as against the image being on a print-on-demand site - which, of course, it should be as well. So much to do, so little time...)

Practising for summer

(he believed that practice made perfect)(and he believed he should practice what he preached...)

Elephant-back safari holiday

(they were hoping to catch up with some of their bigger relatives and get the gossip)

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