Saturday, 1 December 2007

Border collie ACEO - Trailing clouds of magic

Monty: Ahhhhhh....... Santa Claus, reindeer, presents, candy bones, starry nights, snow on the rooftops, children pretending they've been good all year. Yes, it's good to be alive.

Rosie: Did you post my letter?

Monty: What letter?

Rosie: My letter to Santa.

Monty: Ah ha! You DO believe. I knew it!

Rosie: No, I don't. I'm just humouring you. Did you post it?

Monty: Yes, Rosie.

Rosie: Okay. Now, don't forget the lengths I go to to keep you happy Monty.

Monty: Yes, Rosie.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ferget the candy bones, us dawgs like real critter bones - croc, possum, antelope... not reindeer till after Christmas... and loads and loadsa gravy.