Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Border collie ACEO - Forest morning

Monty: Ooh, just imagine the peace, the tranquility, birds singing, little creatures rustling in the undergrowth, buds unfurling to greet a new day...

Rosie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rosie and Monty

Does the drawer of your noble personages ever do courses for humble souls who would like to be creative themselves.

Sometimes as I relax after tea I think I would like nothing more than to go and hear someone speak about the art of collie creativity.

Would-be Creative

PS especially After Tea

Anonymous said...

I know it's bad form to bang on about food and meal times, but us hounds rarely think of anything else.

The only time we might let our thoughts wander off elsewhere might be in that tiny after-meal window where hunger is briefly assuaged.

After Tea, as a random example, when thoughts might turn to higher things like artistic tendencies and creativities.

Yes, After Tea is good.

Random surfer

montyandrosie said...

Right. After tea. Monty and Rosie would be delighted! They're practicing already. (Should that be an 's'?)

Monty: Arooo, arooo, arooo. Bark!
Rosie: Arf, arf. Bark, bark, arooo.

There. That'll cover it.