Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Border collie ACEO - Dog n Mog #1 We're pals. Yes, we are!

Monty: Yayyyyyyyyyy - Dog n Mog are baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

Rosie: Yayyyyyyyyyy - Dog n Mog are baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

Monty: Mog is sooooooooo sweet, so fluffy and sweet.

Rosie: To growl with fluffy and sweet. This time Dog's gonna win!

Monty: But Mog is soooooooo cute and little and fluffy....

Rosie: All the more reason why Dog should win!

Monty: Yes, Rosie.

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Anonymous said...

What do dawgs like better than tea?

Why After Tea, of course.

montyandrosie said...

Yayyyyyyyyyy - after tea lounging on the lawn. After tea leftovers and gravy. Yayyyyyyy

Aroooo, arooo, arooooo. Arf.