Tuesday, 18 September 2007

ACEO - This is where I belong

Monty - misty: Aaahhhhhhhhh. Isn't he just too cute?
Rosie: Just wait until he's a four stone adult and then see if he still belongs on his human's shoulder...

Monty - sighing mightily: By the Great Dog Tyrex of Legend, Rosie, you're just too, too, COLLIEISH sometimes.
Rosie: The Great Dog Tyrex of Legend? What are you on, Monty?
Monty - huffy: Well, if you don't know, I ain't telling.
Rosie - into her paw: Tyrex? Tyrex? hehehe

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Susan: Do call back for more about the Great Dog Tyrex when we can get Monty to tell us.


Anonymous said...

Great dog Tyrex ???, something familiar about that.
Perhaps he is trying to do a bit of doggerel, how did that well known one go ?...
Lars Poochena of Clusium
By the nine dogs he swore
That the great house of Tyrex
Should suffer wrong no more
By the nine dogs he swore it....

I say well known, but can remember no more (so not so well hknown to me

mousewords said...

Wast ist das??

Wouldn't have anything to do with Rico, now, would it?



Anonymous said...

lovely jubbly but drop us a bark link goes to email which not all of us can do when not at our accustomed desks or kennels

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, lovely.

We had a springer who used to do that - and he still insisted on draping himself around my husband's shoulders as a fully grown dog. (He was our first dog as a couple and I still miss him.)

montyandrosie said...

mousewords said what she said and Monty and Rosie and Susan said:

Monty: Rico? Rico?
Rosie: Rico?
Susan: Rico?

(they're going off to sniff for clues...)

montyandrosie said...

Kate - Monty and Rosie and Susan would just love to see a photo of your springer who would drape himself around your husband's shoulders as a fully grown dog. Do you have one by any chance?

Wherever he is, he's in good company. You can bank on that.

montyandrosie said...

Anonymous - Great Dog Tyrex - while Monty's napping, I have to say I'm a bit dubious about the Great Dog Tyrex - as is Rosie (obviously) but at least I shall wait and see rather than take the gravy out of poor ol' Monty. We do want to know, however, about the 'nine dogs' - what nine dogs?

Other Anonymous - sorry about the drop us a bark link. I'm not sure where else it should go, but am very pleased to be enlightened and it was jolly nice of you to drop us a note even though you might not have been in your home kennel. Do call again.

mousewords said...

Monty and Rosie and Susan didn't know about Rico?? My goodness, that is an amazing coincidence, then!!

Perhaps Rico isn't the Great Dog Tyrex himeself, but he's the Great Dog OF Tyrex fame.