Sunday, 23 September 2007

ACEO - "The answer lies in the soil, lad."

Rosie: He means, lass, not lad.
Monty: He said, lad, not lass.
Rosie, biting Monty's nose: He meant Lassie, lunkhead.
Monty: Aroooooo.
Monty - under breath: By the Great Dog Ty...
Rosie, biting Monty's nose: Stop that!
Monty: Aroooooo. Just you wait until the Great Dog Tyrex turns up. You'll be sorry then.
Rosie: I'm waiting. In the meantime it should be Lassie.
Monty - trying it out: "The answer lies in the soil, Lassie." Ooh, do you mean he's buried some bones for us?
Rosie, biting Monty's nose: Lunkhead. He's a rose grower. Honestly, what I have to put up with.
Monty - under breath: Just you wait...

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mousewords said...

Oooh, lovely roses, and poor Monty's nose. :):)

"Waiting for the Great God Tyrex..."

I'm still waiting!!! :-) ;-)

Thanks so much for Susan's comment on my blog, you two...I was laughing soooo hard...


Anonymous said...

Hey, the great Frank Richards did this kinda dialogue in the Billy Bunter books. Are Monty and Rosie fans?

montyandrosie said...

Christine - the Great Dog Tyrex - cripes - we've put Great God Tyrex - we're slinking off now, tails between legs - that was a mistake. It should have been... eek arooooooooo......... (Susan might change the post...)

Anonymous - did you know that Frank Richards is listed in Guinness World Records as the most prolific author of all time with a lifetime output calculated at 72-75 million words. No we didn't either - we do now, though. Coo. Rosie is deffo a Billy Bunter fan. She likes food, too. Monty, not so much. He's more the athletic type. (Wonder who wrote that, then).

mousewords said...

Oh, Susan, no worries, I figured that's what it meant. I'm just eaten up with curiosity, though! :):)

75 MILLION words?? Wow, there's a goal for me.:):)