Thursday, 13 September 2007

ACEO - Can I have my ball back, please mister...

Cripes - he's gone and chased it in next door again. Here he is, cap in hand, as it were, asking for it back. Grumpy old sod that chap next door, so Dog has to be very polite about it and promise not to bark for a week.

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Monty says - well done, Dog. That's the spirit - promoting peace and harmony.
Rosie says - oh, just bite the grumpy old sod and grab your ball back!


Anonymous said...

So who got the ball back?

montyandrosie said...

Dog got the ball back by promising not to bark for a week. But then he went and lost it in a conker match. Now he's making do with a plastic frisbee - or is it a picnic plate? - someone sailed over the fence.