Friday, 21 September 2007

ACEO - "Hello puppies!!!"

Monty - panicked: Yelp! It's Aunt Dogna! Run for the hills!

Rosie - automatic argue feature on: No, wait. We haven't answered yesterday's comments yet. Wait. Wait.

Monty - he's gone: Nooooooooooooooo....... she's coming, she's coming...... By the Great Dog Tyrex I'm outta here.

Rosie - fur standing on end: Right. Well. We'll do the comments later. I just need to go for a bit of a walk now. Need the exercise.

Monty - shrieking: Rosie! She's nearly here.

Rosie - halfway up a hill: Yelp!

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mousewords said...

So cute! Just made me smile to think of Monty and Rosie running for the hills. :):)


montyandrosie said...

Susan: They ran and ran as though the Great Dog Tyrex were after them. When all along it was only Aunt Dogna. Mind you - she's bad enough!

mousewords said...

Susan, thinking of a particular "aunt" in my childhood rememberances...(not an aunt aunt, but a mother of an uncle by marriage..nevermind...) anyways, I can relate to Monty and Rosie with Aunt Dogna. :):)