Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jeff-Dog and the tail-consuming robot

Jeff-Dog and the robot

This pic illustrates what a truly Stupendously Awesome Dog he was - the robot vacuum 

cleaner had been going about its lawful business when it found a Jeff-Dog in the way so it 

tried its best to vacuum him up. Jeff-Dog carried on chewing his bone. I had to take a 

screwdriver to the robot and take it to pieces to get Jeff-Dog’s tail back. He never moved 

throughout the whole ordeal; just carried on chewing his bone. What a cool dude!!!

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Joyce Mayer said...

Oh, poor baby. That stupid robot needs to be chewed up and tossed. Go get it, Jeff-Dog.

montyandrosie said...

No worries - the robot came to pieces (having been attacked by me with a screwdriver) while Jeff-Dog just carried on chewing his bone as though nothing was happening...