Saturday, 16 June 2012

'The Corgi Games' (book) puts in an appearance...

Of course, the Queen's Jubilee AND the London Olympics in the same year begs for combination - hence - The Corgi Games - in which Welsh Corgi dogs engage in various forms of sport (including sack racing) in their usual stylish and winning way. In rhyme. Natch.

The Corgi Games is on Amazon for Kindle, but not yet in paperback - I've not used Amazon's CreateSpace before for paperbacks so that's a wait and see thing, really. Of course, the pics on your Kindle (unless you have a fancy one) will be in black and white, but I've made the paperback full colour so I'm waiting pretty impatiently to see that one... Anyway, here it is - it's received its first review so I'm chuffed. (Why do I always feel so shy about announcing new books etc??). The formatter I used was brilliant but of course so much depends on the size the reader makes their font...


I hadn't really taken on board how little of the book would be seen in the sample so I'm putting another sample on here - I'll put the Sledding verse and pic:


He loved going so fast
that everything went by in a blur.
It was such a blast
to have the wind race through his fur.

Speeding along was a thrill,
and always to win
with never a spill
produced such a big grin!

(The only trouble came when he forgot his mouth guard
and he’d get to the finish line with his tongue frozen hard
to his shoulder, which was always a pain,
and absolute agony til it thawed out again.)

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Tracey Phillips said...

Just bought this from Amazon - it's fab! Definately cheered me up on this wet miserable rainy day....go buy it and improve your day!

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh, just seeing snow is so refreshing, it's going to be a hot and rainy summer here. But - it's only 6 months till Christmas. (o:

Happy weekend.


"Woof" from Molly Brown & Jessie ♥

montyandrosie said...

Thank you, Tracey!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! (and for saying so, too...)

montyandrosie said...

We don't have any snow at the moment, nor any heat - but we do have a great deal of water. It just keeps falling out of the sky. On and on. You'd have thought they'd have run out up there by now...

Celtic Cat said...

Your work is awesome!

No snow here either, no rain either. It is just to dry here.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Your work definitely makes a bad day good!

Shirley Wells said...

Ha. That made me laugh. Love it. :)

montyandrosie said...

Well, we've had plenty of rain here - quite enough to share around everyone else as well...

And the smell of wet dog - we've got lost of that, too - anyone want some???

montyandrosie said...

Gail - what a fab thing to say - thank you!!!

montyandrosie said...

Thank you, Shirley! Good to see you. You going to any of the writing conferences this year???