Monday, 2 April 2012

'Paws 4 Thawt' or 'Dog Gone' - which, oh which book for next week's meeting? Corgi dilemma

They couldn't decide on next week's book - should it be 'Paws 4 Thawt' or should it be 'Dog Gone'???

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi MontyandRosie,

Well, since I am a teddy bear I think it should be "Paws 4 Thawt" because it COULD have a "tail" of teddy bears involved. Giggle.

Hugs ♥

Crystal said...

I vote for paws for thought....teehee...Cute sketch

montyandrosie said...

Paws for Thawt it is!!! And we will bear with it whether it's bears or not bears. Oh, yes! Bears rule!!!

Spencer and Phoebe said...

We're voting for "Paws 4 Thawt" too, Corgis Rule!! And we're also for voting for Chocolate Bones and Chocolate Gravy for Monty and Rosie. Happy Easter!!

Eizabeth said...

Bonjour Susan,
Les corgi sont aussi mignons que les BORERES ! Beau dessin.
Elizabeth et Scott

montyandrosie said...

Yayyy!!! We'll take the chocolate bones and the chocolate gravy!!! None of that - "No, really, you shouldn't have," stuff from us. No. "Give it here, forthwith!!!"

montyandrosie said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! We have some fab Corgi friends - like Spencer and Phoebe above - who wish us chocolate bones and chocolate gravy! High-paw to you and Scott.