Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mermaid and seahorse chat; Corgis playing bingo; teddy bear mystery; cat steed; dog owns hoomun


Eyes down

(I'm not going to make any jokes about 'Two Fat Corgis' or anything like that. Oh, no I'm not!)

"For you, My Sweet," he said.

(She took it because she was a very polite bear - but she didn't really want it - she had a secret of her own. Little did she know that so did he...)

(further installments to the teddy bear saga will be coming soon...)

He was her trusty steed

(for long journeys - she used her wings for short ones)

Yep. This is MY hoomun.

(Dogs have a quiet air of ownership about them. Make no mistake - you don't own them. They own you.)

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