Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Border Collie - papier mache (Brenda); polymer clay pin (Hello puppies!) and Dog n Mog #9 - Duet

Brenda - papier mache Border Collie - expert at the hard-done-by Border Collie look

Monty: Blimey, Susan makes it sound like Border Collies do that hard-done-by-thing...
Monty: Rosie?
Monty: Oops - she's doing that hard-done-by-thing...

’Hello puppies!’ pin/brooch – polymer clay

Rosie: Arooooo - it's Aunt Dogna - run for the hills!
Monty - already running...

An Original Border collie ACEO – ‘Dog n Mog #9 - Duet'

Monty: Aroo. Aroo.
Rosie: Aroooooooooooo
Susan: Criminy - they're joining in.

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Fisshu said...

I like the brooch. But sadly fishes don't wear clothes. But i could wear it like a punk through one of my fins.

montyandrosie said...

Or you could wear it through your lip - ooh, or would that be too sensitive for a fisshu... (apologies in advance for that)