Sunday, 16 March 2008

Border Collie ACEO - Dog n Mog #10 - Dog's Easter Mogget

Monty: What a brilliant job that cat makes of being a hat!
Rosie: I want one!
Monty: Well - they're friends. I mean, what cat in its right mind would want to lie on your head, Rosie?
Rosie: I want one! I'd be nice to it.
Monty gives Rosie sideways look full of suspicion.
Rosie: I would. Don't be like that. I'd be really nice to it if it'd lie on my head.
Monty, nails in mouth puts up warning sign: Beware cats. Don't believe her.
Rosie bites him.
: Srrunch!
Monty: Arooooooo
As his howl echoes around the neighbourhood all the cats for miles around look at each knowingly and chuckle, cattily, together.
Will Rosie get her cat hat?
Answer: Catty chuckle.

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