Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Border collie ACEO - The little mermutt

Rosie: Cripes - that looks cold.

Monty: And wet.

Rosie: Does she eat fish, do you think? I mean, not many bones and gravy down there are there?

Monty: Good point - what does a mermutt eat? Um - catfish? Marrowfish? Sea sausages?

Rosie: Sea sausages? Whaddya mean, sea sausages? You're making this all up, Lunkhead! No self-respecting mermutt is going to eat sea sausages, not unless they're fried. You ever tried frying something underwater?


Rosie: No. Thought not. Hmph. If you can't say anything sensible, don't say anything at all.

Monty: Yes, Rosie.

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