Saturday, 3 November 2007

ACEO - Peace on earth and good will to all chocolate-thieving mice

Monty: Oh, look - they're trying to get the chocolate Santa and he's pretending to be asleep. Aaahhhhhh

Rosie: Humphf!

Monty: What? Rosie!!! You wouldn't snaffle the mice!!! Not at Christmas, anyway...???

Rosie: Of course I wouldn't! What do you think I am?

Monty: Well, um...

Rosie: I'd snaffle the chocolate before they got it. Of course.

Monty: Of course. Arf, arf.

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mousewords said...

lol...well, this mouse definitely would go to great lengths for chocolate! :);) But I'm relieved about the snaffling. *whew.

montyandrosie said...

Well - that's what she says anyway.... Rosie, that is...