Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Everydog reckons they’re gonna write a book one day…

…they come up to you at parties and say:
“When I’ve got nothing better to do,
when I’ve got time to play –
I’m gonna write a book – just like you.”
“Everyone has a book in them,” gleefully they shout.
You must grit your teeth, smile, and NOT say:
“I wonder how it got there – from within
– or from without?”

You have to keep your face straight
when they go on: “But I have important stuff to do,
so listen well as my brilliant tale I dictate;
then you gussy it up a bit, and I’ll give half the profits to you.”

“That’s more than generous!” they cry
as you try really hard not to curse.
Just say a polite, smiley goodbye
as you scuttle away in rapid reverse.

Maybe it’s true that everyone has a book in them,
but maybe it’s not a book for public display.

Even if it’s true that everyone has a book in them –
maybe that’s where it should stay...

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