Monday, 14 February 2011

Whippet afternoon tea; cats and cake; Border Collies punting on the river; No one (even Corgis) like spam sandwiches

No one liked spam sandwiches

Messing about on the river

(rather than IN it!)

They met every Tuesday for tea

(and they ALWAYS ate the cake...)

(Drat! now I fancy cake...)

She always took afternoon tea

(but she never ate the cake)


Georgie McNeese (ArtByG) said...

So incredibly cute! I love all of these.

montyandrosie said...

Thank you very much! Just recording every day life for dogs and cats. (and maybe a touch of fantasy)

AynE said...

Do you sell copies of the art work, or have them as note cards or something? I absolutely love the cats drinking tea....

AynE said...

Do you have prints or notecards of your artwork? I absolutely adore the cats and cake. Perfectly Beatrix Potterish.

montyandrosie said...

Hi - thank you for saying nice things about my work!

I sell prints etc in my Etsy shop - this is the link for that particular print - They met every Tuesday for tea (and cake) -

I don't have greeting cards in that design at the moment though.

Thank you again!