Friday, 7 January 2011

Cats in love ; Whippet thinking ; Corgi unwell ; Border Collie gift ; Cats gossiping over the Aga

They were meant for each other

I'm thinking of you

(and I've gone out to the quiet of the woods to do it so that I can concentrate on you and you'll feel my thoughts coming your way)

Get well soon!

(soooooo many bugs going around at the moment...)

Just for you

(they're shop-bought, too, not nicked from next door...)

Kitchen cats

(The kitchen is such a great place to drink tea and chat. Some cats hang out there all the time.)


woolies said...

Your work is utterly fantastic. :)

montyandrosie said...

How lovely of you to say so! It's great to have the support.

I see your location and send many hugs and positive vibes. I hope you don't mind.