Saturday, 18 December 2010

Who let the pups out?

(At the new neckwear collection's first showing, too)


Anonymous said...

Good Day:

I came across your wonderful, talented, colorful, funny art. It was a real joy to see something different in the world of art. I never have a moment to view anything due to my schedule. I took a look at your book also. Delightful title. I use to have Champion collies many many many years ago. This is a treat and the beauty of it all that caught my eye was the border collie looking out to the sea or ocean or lake. I live in the Capital of Texas called Austin about three to four hours from Houston Texas. Thank you for the memories and hopefully I will have a moment to purchased your talents that you have put on paper. Thank you.

montyandrosie said...

Thank you very much! The Border Collie looking out to see is the painting called, 'Good Morning, Morning' as the dog is greeting the day. It was one of my very early paintings but is still popular. Happy New Year to you!