Saturday, 27 November 2010

Bones across the sky

(a doggy dream of bones for all)

She was chuffed with her new neck warmer

(although she had to have help with the buttons)

They provided the sparkle

(as no shop-bought bauble could)

(it was also a great place to hang out)

She loved battling the elements

(and pretending she was a swashbuckling explorer)

(but she always knew there was a roaring fire and a bowl of lukewarm gravy at home)

Was just checking security... Honest...

(What else would she be checking under the tree in the middle of the presents....?)

Yes, this chair fit her quite nicely

(you have to pick your chairs with care - they're going to be in service for quite a while)


Sarah said...

Hi did I not find your blog before..geesh! Soooo love your to find you here!
Happy Holidays..and to all the sweet pooches too!
Sarah :)

montyandrosie said...

Hi - lovely to see you here!

And here's wishing you the absolute best for the Holidays, too.

High paws all round!