Monday, 3 November 2008

Black Labrador Retriever - His Holiday Hat

I've had requests for other breeds of dogs in the Christmas dog brooches and pendants (and prints) I've been making and so I've painted a Labrador Retriever to start with (the image has to be created before I can have it printed before I can then make it into brooches and pendants). So here is the first Christmas non-Border Collie painting, the image of which will then become brooches etc.

I have a list of requests already, but if there's a breed you would like to see wearing a Christmas hat in brooch or pendant form (see other listings) then do let me know. I can't absolutely guarantee it'll get done - I keep running out of time - but if it's on the list I might get to it - if it's not on the list I won't get to it.

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Rosie and Monty don't mind having their pals round either so it's okay to have not-Border Collies on here...

Oh, yes it is!

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