Sunday, 20 July 2008

ACEO - dachshund found fast asleep on Border Collie blog!

Monty: Look! We have a dachshund aboard.
Rosie: Is it a dog?
Monty: Of course it's a dog!
Rosie: It's not a Border Collie.
Monty: No, but it could be - with slightly longer legs, chunkier nose, bigger ears, different fur and maybe if it was black and white - that might help.
Rosie: Oh, well, then...
Snooze, dreaming: If I had slightly longer legs, chunkier nose, bigger ears, different, black and white fur.... Aarghhhh - I'd be a Border Collie. Yelp, yelp!

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1 comment:

mousewords said...

I will very quietly whisper that it's soooo cute--quietly so that I don't wake it, and so that the Border Collies aren't offended. ;-)