Friday, 4 April 2008

Border Collie pin/brooch - 'Caramel Girl'

This pin/brooch is made of polymer clay painstakingly crafted by me using one of my original Border Collie paintings as a focus - Caramel Girl (or: Not everything's black and white). The picture itself has been transferred to the clay and is framed in swirles of various sorts made (by me) as canes - this is a fascinating technique where rods of colour are laid lengthways to build up a picture which can then be sliced off - like the lettering that goes through seaside rock. It takes a little while to put them together but they work really well with they're done. Between the picture and the swirly frame is an added inside border of glittery stuff.

The brooch is 2.5" x 2" and has one of those brooch pins on the back of it with the fiddly safety catch - I've stuck it on and also made sure it stays there with some more swirls. Also on the back are my initials.

This is very definitely one of a kind - I might use the same image again but all the rest of it can never be exactly duplicated - although a similar version could be attempted if particularly required.

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1 comment:

mousewords said...

That's really cool! I love the way you transferred your artwork to it. The clay pattern turned out so pretty, too!