Sunday, 6 January 2008

Border collie ACEO - We're all clear of all those pesky resolutions now - right?

Monty: Blimey - he's given up easily hasn't he? You haven't given up, have you, Rosie?

Rosie: Given up what?

Monty: Your resolutions.

Rosie: Resolutions? What resolutions?

Monty: .......sigh.........

(Susan: Yeah, and my resolution to keep up has slipped already so more paintings are going to have go in here to try to catch up...)

Rosie: See - it's not just me...

Monty: ..........another big sigh.............

Dog n Mog #5 - Uh hu. Not us. We have alibis.

Monty: Bones! They look guilty. What have they done?

Daffodil dreaming

Rosie: Mmmmmm - butter, custard and yummy yellow things...

Monty: She has no poetry in her soul.

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1 comment:

PAG said...

I like the theme of colours. The dream of daffodils slips easily into butter and custard for the ever-hungry Rosie. And there's Monty accusing her of having no soul - but who's to say there's less soul in custard than daffodils? Well, not me, that's for sure.